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Red Flags for Removal Service

Red Flags for Removal Service

The process of removal is a headache. You have to face many difficulties when you are going through the process of relocating to another location. The Man and Van companies primary job is to reduce the burden on you. They will provide you with services which will make the procedure of shifting easily for you. As they are many Removal companies just waiting for you to hire them, it becomes tough to choose the one which will provide you best service. Furthermore, many scammers have started establishing Man and Van companies which are known for causing trouble. You have to investigate everything about removal company before hiring them. Here are some tips for finding out whether the company is legitimate or not.

No Proper Investigation

Usually, the Removal companies charge you according to the weight of your belonging not on how much distance they have to travel. If the mover does not insist on doing an inspection of your stuff, then they might be up to something. A professional Man and Van company never inform you about estimated costs on the phone. They will ask for a thorough inspection of your stuff. The reason is that homeowner tend to underestimate or overestimate the weight of their belongings. A queen-size bed without head or foot frame weigh less than the one which has it, but many homeowners are not aware of it. Usually, scammer Man and Van companies will demand more money after you have hired them and will keep your belongings as a hostage.

Deposit Request

Legitimate companies will ask you for the payment after they have completed the task that you have given them. Businesses that have been created for the purpose of scamming customers will ask you to pay before they have shifted your stuff. Most of the time, these scamming companies will ask for advance payment and will ensure you that a truck would arrive at your step on the day of shifting. They disappear with your money, and no one will appear on your doorsteps on the day of moving.

Choose a Registered Company

Removal ServiceBefore hiring the Removal company, you should make sure that it is registered and has an insurance policy. Fraud companies will never get themselves registered and buy an insurance policy as they don’t want to come under the radar. As the main purpose of these companies is to deceive people, they will never want to leave any evidence behind. Either they will run away with your cash or sell your belongings in a market.

No Proper Name

Most of the scammers won’t put an effort to give their name to the company. The reason is that they don’t want their company to be shown on Better Business Bureau or they don’t want to their company to labeled as fraud. When they pick up the phone, they will answer with something discrete such as moving services. They never want to leave any concrete evidence behind.

Removal companies are blessing in disguise, but many scammers are using their good name to deceive people. The tips mentioned above will assist you in hiring a legitimate Man and Van Crawley company which won’t cause any trouble for you.

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