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A Removal Service Van Environment-friendly Approach to Get Rid of Junk

Our world today faces many problems in the form of corruption, violence, poverty and so much more. Although there is no way we can completely eliminate these evils from our planet, we can at least do our part in creating a better home to leave to our future generations. One of the most-ignored predicaments of these times is pollution and its effects on the environment. Few people are concerned about it in their everyday lives, let alone when they are going through a hectic process like moving to a new location.

Removals ServicesYet, it is important to do as much as is possible for us to save our planet. Often, it includes very little hassle and can even be mentally relaxing. For people who truly care about their land, there are some tips to keep in mind when choosing to move to another place.


Many Man and van Guildford removal services offer to clean out the old residence to prepare it for the new tenants. It is advisable to use cleaning liquids that are nature-friendly rather than those containing CFCS that have been directly linked to ozone depletion.

Recyclable materials

Rather than having the client buy copious amounts of cardboard boxes and other materials required for shifting, advise them to check inside their houses first. Many people have useless bubble wrap or unused cartons lying around which are perfectly acceptable means of transporting their goods. Also, when providing them with packing materials and boxes, be sure to use those made from recyclable substances. This is a green practice that is sure to be pleasing to Eco-friendly people. Moving companies rent out Recopacks which are plastic bins made entirely from recycled plastic.

Man and van removal also provide Eco-friendly substitutes to packing materials which are made from cornstarch and recycled paper sludge.

Furniture disposal

People who want to get rid of old furniture or mattresses can call in junk Man and van removal services. They take responsibility for the lifting and transporting after which they donate them to charities. This ensures that the objects do not go to waste and instead help someone in need.

Appliances disposal

Disposing of waste requires caution when it involves electronics. Green Man and van removal services transport the electronics to the recycling facility. Once it arrives there, the items are then sorted by type, and divested of component parts like rare metals, glass, scrap metal and plastics. Afterwards, the components are safely melted down or collected and recycled into new parts, according to their material.
Appliances like computers, microwave ovens and dishwashers contain poisonous substances like lead and mercury. If subjected to improper recycling or mishandled, the waste can release very toxic gases causing air and water pollution.

Junk Man and van removal services are also happy to accommodate hospitals and medical offices wishing to properly remove and recycle their extra medical paraphernalia. These can include various items such as operating tables, stretchers, wheelchairs, dental equipment etc. By handing them over to experienced individuals capable of properly disposing of them, you can do your part in helping the planet. These companies are also generous enough to provide a “proof of recycling” document for the clients’ peace of mind.

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